can I purchase files for printing?

I am often asked by my clients if they can purchase the files for printing.  The short answer is, yes!  I have 4 digital collection packages available and also offer a handful of digitals with my 4 print collection packages as well!  I want you to have digital files of your favorite images, but what will you do with those files once you receive them? In following up with my digital clients, I find that many of them “plan” to print but haven’t yet, even six months after our session.

You put care and effort into planning your session, from the location to what to wear.  You make sure your young ones are happy are rested. You swoon over your images in your gallery…and then the difficult part comes: what to print? where to put them? how many to hang on the walls? Let me walk you through the most difficult part of the session process while I give my expert opinion to help you decide. It can be an arduous process to do alone and professionally printed images are far above what you can print locally. When they arrive and you hang, frame or gift those beautiful images of your family you will breathe a huge sigh of relief! The hardest part is over!  And each day as you walk past the people you love the most on your wall you will be so glad you did!

When you do purchase digital files, your files are uploaded to a secure online storage site that keeps your images safe for TEN years.  No worry of losing a flash drive, or finding it in your toddler’s freshly washed pants pocket, or your new computer having USB5 and not accepting your current USB2 thingamajiggy.  They’ll be waiting for you online, should you need to redownload them to a new computer or to your parents’ computer as well. You will receive printing recommendations from vendors that will give you the quality of prints and products that match the color and quality of your professional digital files. Because where you print MATTERS.

I have found that local printing options are, oftentimes, far inferior to the quality of my professional printing vendor.  So much so that I strongly recommend to my clients an online printing company for the printing of your digital khp files.  For me, the quality of the final product is a big part of my reputation as an artist.  If your friends see an image that you have printed and it has a red hue to the entire print, what does that say about my work?  No matter if I print the files or if you do, I want your prints to look their best.

We live in a digital age and I doubt that will ever change.  Don’t let your babies grow up to be JPEGS.  PRINT YOUR PICTURES!


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